Alore News

mypy: Python variant with dynamic and static typing
Check out mypy, the new project I started. It shares the spirit of Alore, but its syntax and libraries are mostly compatible with Python, and it will support accessing Python libraries running in the stock Python VM transparently. Unlike the optional type system in Alore, the type system also performs run-time type checking based on static types. This allows such niceties as efficient compilation to the JVM (in the future). I am working on a tool that can translate Alore programs to mypy syntax to make it easy to migrate Alore programs to mypy.
30 August 2012
Ubuntu binary packages
Alore Ubuntu binary packages are now available.
13 October 2011
Mac OS X binary package
Alore OS X binary package is now available for download.
11 October 2011
Windows installer
Alore Windows installer is now available for download.
11 October 2011
Alore 0.7.0 released
Released Alore 0.7.0. This major release has a completely new optional type system. Additionally, there are several changes that improve convenience and an assortment of other changes. Existing programs may require changes; see CHANGELOG.txt in the distribution for details. Download Changelog
11 October 2011
Example programs
Added a few example programs.
11 October 2011
Added wiki, issue tracker, git repository and mailing list
Added links to Alore Wiki, issue tracker, Alore git repository and mailing list (see the new links at the top of the page).
11 October 2011
Alore 0.6.0 released
Released Alore 0.6.0. This major release has several new features and changes related to the upcoming optional type system. Existing programs and C modules may have to be updated; see CHANGELOG.txt in the distribution for details. Download
24 January 2011
Alore 0.5.0 released
Released Alore 0.5.0. This is the first public release of Alore. This release brings several major changes. Download
28 October 2010
New website opened
The new Alore website was opened.
28 October 2010