Alore Development

Git repository

Get the latest Alore source code by cloning the Alore Git repository. You can also download the latest development version source package using the previous link.


Send any feedback (comments, ideas, critique, etc.) to the mailing list. You can also add feature proposals to the issue tracker. All feedback is highly appreciated.

Reporting bugs

If you think you have found a bug, please use the issue tracker to send a bug report.

Development wiki

There is a development section in the Alore Wiki.

The Future of Alore

The most important new language feature that is currently being developed is optional typing. The type system is separate from runtime semantics to retain most of the simplicity, power and convenience of dynamic typing: all code can be run equivalently without static type checking as well. Some new language features will be introduced to support static typing, but without sacrificing the simplicity of the dynamically-typed core Alore.

Several new library modules are being designed, and some of these already have prototype implementations.

Here is a partial list of additional language features and tool support that we are planning to implement at some point:

See also the Alore Wiki.