sys: Alore system information

This module provides basic information related to the Alore virtual machine and its environment.


Args as Array<Str>
Command line arguments given to current program as a string array. These do not include the path to the current program. Consider this example:
$ alore program.alo arg1 arg2
Now the value of sys::Args in program.alo would be ["arg1", "arg2"].
ProgramPath as Str
Path to current program. It can be a relative or an absolute path, and it can refer to an Alore source file or a compiled binary executable file.
InterpreterPath as Str
Path to the Alore interpreter. It can be a relative or an absolute path. Multiple versions of the Alore interpreter may be installed at the same time, and the path always refers to the one that is running the current program. This constant is nil if IsStandalone is True.
Platform as Str
String identifying the current platform, in lower case. Currently supported values:

  • "windows" (for all desktop and server variants of Microsoft Windows)
  • "linux" (for all variants of Linux)
  • "mac" (for Mac OS X)
  • "solaris" (for all variants of Solaris)
  • "freebsd" (for FreeBSD)

Additional values will be defined as the Alore runtime is ported to new operating systems.

IsStandalone as Boolean
Boolean indicating whether the current program is a standalore executable (compiled binary file instead of an Alore source file).