Class std::Function

Instances of the Function type are functions (named or anonymous) or bound methods. Function instances cannot be constructed using the type constructor — new functions can be created using a global function definition or an anonymous function expression, and bound methods are created by reading a method member of an object.

class Function
The Function type. Function objects can only be created with a function definition, an anonymous function expression or by accessing a bound method using the dot (.) operator.

See also: Function types in Introduction to Alore Type System.

See also: See sections Call expressions, Member references, Anonymous functions and Function definitions in the Alore Language Reference for additional information.


Calling is the primary operation supported by Function objects. The related function or method definition specifies the number of accepted arguments, the behavior of the function and the return value, if any. Each function call operation creates a new invocation of the function with local variables and arguments whose values are independent from every other invocation of the function.
Return a string containing the fully qualified name of the Function object.